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Across the three partners we have a 360-degree experience of pitches. Between us, we have commissioned, managed and assessed agency pitches; researched and evaluated agency strategy and creative work for pitches as well as pitching for business ourselves. We believe this puts us in a unique position to help agencies develop winning pitches.



Tim has worked in the marketing and communications industry for more years than he cares to admit. As an ex-Marketing Director of BT he has extensive experience of markets and customers, how to build and launch successful products and services and create influential communications campaigns.
He has also run many agency pitches. In his consulting life he has advised companies, government departments on strategy and consumer insight and more recently advised agencies on customer understanding and supported many pitches.

“Tim is an all-round genius. His strategic insight, creative counsel and wisdom from being both sides of the in-house/consultancy fence has been invaluable in helping me develop my business. I’m privileged to say Tim was a client and is a colleague.”
CEO of Top 50 PR Agency

“I would highly recommend him and his team for brands and businesses looking for straight talking, sensibly smart advice.”
CEO of Top 50 PR Agency



A career researcher, Judith has interviewed over 25,000 people and run three research agencies. With a particular understanding of communications, she has worked with businesses large and small, consumers of all types and persuasions and across most government departments.
She has grappled with both sides of the pitch process: as a director responsible for new business and as a researcher working alongside agency planners. What she lacks in natural ability for working with procurement, she makes up for in her eye for those nuggets that have potential to become memorable campaigns.
Judith hates football.

“Working with Judith is always a pleasure. Judith’s USP, in our experience, is that she is highly perceptive and provides genuinely actionable insight on the given task. Highly experienced and ever-reliable.”
Senior TV exec

“We had the great pleasure to work closely with Judith in the development of some of the most valuable and cherished BBC brands (Top Gear, Dr Who). We always found her to be an exceptionally methodical and intuitive researcher with an eagle eye for marketable opportunities, a forensic intelligence to identify commercial risk, and a firm grasp of her clients’ aims, aspirations and appetites. And it’s always fun to work with someone who is such a delight.”
Senior Publishing exec.



Jon has enjoyed the last 25+ years as a qualitative researcher and has worked on many of the world’s great brands, as well as some of the more esoteric ones and a good number of start-ups. Over this time he has developed an acute understanding of consumer thinking and behaviour in real-life situations. If required, he challenges assumptions. He has advised and evaluated pitches from both sides and enjoys the urgency and excitement of the pitch process.

“Jon has helped with insight and market knowledge on several pitches now. He is fast, perceptive and has a deep, jargon free knowledge of many markets. And is also very good fun to work with”
Creative Director Top 20 UK PR Agency